It is over four years since I took up the study of this...

It is over four years since I took up the study of this truth. I had just returned home from California and Arkansas, where I had gone three years before, because of nervous prostration. I was somewhat better, but as I had been a cripple from a child two years old, and had worn heavy iron braces on my ankles since having two operations performed on them, the suffering was so intense I would often come home and throw myself down and pray to die. I had taken the Bible to my pastor and read to him about how Christ Jesus healed the sick, and how he said greater things than these would be done; also how we were told if any were sick to call for the elders of the church. I was told, however that these things were not done now; but I was not satisfied until the book, Science and Health, was put into my hands. Even then I did not know the truth, and the pastor told me that Christian Science was an old, exploded idea of India, but I knew nothing like that could have healed my eyes; I knew that it was Spirit, God, who did it. I continued to study, and in a few another of my enemies came up in the form of headache, and I said, Now I am going to see if I cannot put this Science to use. I did so, and although I was never before without some kind of a headache for more than a few days, I have not had one now in four years, and the nervous prostration was healed the first year, with the pain in the back of my head which the doctor said would eventuate in brain fever. I believed that if God could do so much for me, He could also take care of me without my wearing five-pound braces. As I was going to leave my home, I got a practitioner to treat me; and although I could not walk without the braces, I took them off and started on my long trip to the South, my practitioner going one day's travel with me. I only wish I could tell how Truth was with me on this trip. I seemed to be carried in the arms of divine Love. When I did reach my people, and none of them understood Science, I came down, as it were, although the suffering left in a short time, and the sores on my feet were healed.

My limb has lengthened out about an inch and the drawn cords have loosened and are growing. I know that He who has begun this good work in me will complete it, and that nothing can interfere with my progress. I wish to gain an understanding, so that I can not only help myself but others also. I am thankful to God for giving us this truth through Mrs. Eddy, and I know He will reward her. Belle D. Neubanks, Houston Heights, Tex.

Testimony of Healing
When my daughter turned to Christian Science for treatment...
June 10, 1905

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