I send this testimony with loving gratitude to our dear...

I send this testimony with loving gratitude to our dear Leader, for the text-book, Science and Health. For twenty years I was sick, and at times suffered indescribable agony. I was treated by physicians at home and abroad, no two agreeing as to the nature of the malady. Drugging was thoroughly tried, also electric treatment, but without avail. Finally, an operation was considered necessary, but I came out no better physically and much worse mentally; indeed the physical suffering was so great, and the mental darkness so dense, that death seemed to be the only way out of it. In the year 1894, I left the church of my fathers, disheartened and discouraged, determined to search for God in my own way. I then attended spiritualist meetings for a year, and failing to find God there, I read and searched the writings of several well-known agnostics without finding what I needed. I then turned to Ruskin and Emerson, and from the latter received the only ray of light I had found thus far. For three years the burden of the cry within me had been to know what God is. The physicians had told me that operations might relieve, but could not cure me, therefore I felt that my stay on earth was short, for to undergo another operation seemed impossible, and suicide appeared to be the only alternative; but first I must know what God is. While under a physician's treatment in 1898, the following remark was made to me by a friend: "I have found the first person I ever saw who lives her religion; she never thinks or speaks ill of any one, and she goes to God for healing when she is sick. She calls herself a Christian Scientist." These words sank deep down in my thought, and for the first time in twenty years hope and faith began to dawn.

As soon as I called upon the one the one of whom such a good account had been given. I thought it strange that she did not talk her religion; however the next time I called the subject was mentioned, and very wonderful but very far a away it seemed to be. As I left the house she said, "I have a book here, called Science and Health, that I would like you to read." When I reached home I glanced through the book, and my attention was arrested by the statement that all is Mind. I thought, as I laid down the book, "It is like the Bible,—a good book,—but it is not for me." However, the statement that all is Mind stayed with me, and seemed to repeat itself over and over again. I was awakened in the night by the thought, and in the afternoon of the third day the longing to know what God is became so intense as to be almost overpowering. Gradually, such a deep, sweet sense of calm and peace and quietness seemed to go all through me, and clear and distinct as a voice came the words, "All is Mind;" "Be still, and know that I am God." Everything within and without was light; it seemed that I was lifted completely out of the sense of a material body. A few hours later, when the thought of my body returned, O joy unspeakable! I found I was completely healed; all sense of swelling, pain, and weight had disappeared; but far more wonderful was the fact that at last I knew what God is.

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