Harmful Negation

The public teachers, pastors, and others who decry Christian Science, have need to be careful lest the arguments they use wrest from them historical Christianity as well as practical and operative Christianity. Taking the authentic testimonies in regard to healing, such as maintain their proof in lives devoted to higher ends than formerly, a larger number may be known than are recorded specifically in the New Testament. To deny the hand of God in practical and present Christianity, to deny the continuance of God's power to heal, is close to denying that such power was ever manifested. If the testimony of living men healed of incurable diseases, redeemed from atheism and despair, re-born by purification of mind and revelation of spiritual truth, — testimony sometimes given under oath, and unshaken by all the subtle or brutal cross-examination of adverse attorneys, — is to be rejected, how shall we be assured of the credibility of those who testified so long ago? We agree to Euclid's propositions because we find them provable now. If it be found that the Science of Christianity is provable now, and this is the experience of Christian Scientists, how satisfying and faith-inspiring becomes the record which tells how the sick were healed in past times when God was revealed by Jesus to his diciples as the healing and saving Mind.

Gulliver and the Lilliputians
February 11, 1905

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