It is with gratitude that I write of my healing in Christian Science....

It is with gratitude that I write of my healing in Christian Science. I was wholly unable to do anything, except to walk the floor and rock in a chair, and the physician called my sickness nervous prostration. At the time I was taken ill, my husband, who is a physician, was out of the city, and not knowing how bad a condition I was in, he wrote me to call in another physician,—a friend of his. After examining my case, this doctor told me that if I was not very careful I would lose my mind. I could not sleep and did not care to eat. I was steadily getting worse, and thought of committing suicide, for it seemed utterly impossible to live in the conditions which then existed. On my husband's return he was very much alarmed, and met the attending physician in consultation, but without any relief to me. He then took me to Toledo, O., to a brother of his, also a physician, who tried to cure me, but without any avail.

One day I cried out in my agony, Oh, if there were only something to cure one who cannot stand the suffering any longer. A short time after that my sister—in—law to me, "I would not give up hope; I do not care if we both have husbands who are physicians, I would try some one else." She then mentioned Christian Science (I had never heard the name before), saying its followers did not give any medicine, and that God did the healing. It was not very hard for me to give up the medicine, for I had seen that there was nothing in it for me, and when she told me of a lady who was being treated in Christian Science, and who was getting along nicely, it awoke an interest, and we went and I took treatment. I was not healed right away, however. I would get discouraged, and say I was not coming back any more for I was not getting better, though my friends saw that I was. Then my sister—in—law would go to see the practitioner, and I would always go back. Through the Christian Scientist's understanding of the power of God to heal the sick, I was healed, and now my life is full of hope and cheer.

Testimony of Healing
A little over a year ago I was suffering greatly with an...
February 11, 1905

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