I have been relieved of fear and hate through Christian Science....

I have been relieved of fear and hate through Christian Science. I had a fear that threatened to terminate in insanity, as I worked in an asylum at the age of fifteen, and had some vivid pictures of insanity in my thought. I found that the study of Christian Science brings light instead of darkness. Not only was my fear of insanity overcome, but I have been helped and strengthened in many ways. I used to have dreadful headaches in which I seemed to lose my memory, whereas now I never have those headaches and there is an increasing clearness of memory. As the mental-strength has increased, the physical has proportionately improved, till I feel that nothing needs to be done in a slack manner for need of strength. When I first began to demonstrate the power of Mind over the body, it seemed impossible to drag myself around, but I remembered the teachings of our Leader, and was thereby strengthened to do my duty. Instead of being faint and tired when I started my work, I felt strong and rested when I had finished it, which proved to me that Truth gives us all the strength we need. Many other ailments were overcome, such as hernia, backache, toothache, rheumatism of my right shoulder, etc. The last-named trouble seemed to follow disobedience in my children or their disregard for what I told them. When I took it home to myself, and corrected it by obedience to my Divine parent, I was pleased to see the children lovingly listen to my instructions and carefully carry them out.

I desire to give most loving thanks to God, and to Mrs. Eddy for all the help I have received through her. May all the dear ones through whose influence I have been helped receive a blessing in return.Anna E. Paulson, Genoa, Neb.

Testimony of Healing
I would like to tell, if I could, all the good that has come...
February 11, 1905

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