I did not come into Christian Science through physical...

I did not come into Christian Science through physical healing, neither had I any religious belief to give up. Through reading and thinking, my mother had left her church when we were children; but she always held a belief in a Supreme Being, who was not the cause of all the ills of the world. I grew up in the same thought, but I see now that it was a belief without understanding. When I first heard of Christian Science, over eleven years ago, I knew scarcely any English, and the dear friend who told me of it had but a limited knowledge of French. Her part was made still harder because I did not want to hear the Bible mentioned at all, nor even the name of God. In spite of these hindrances, my friend succeeded in explaining, half in English and half in French, what Christian Science is. I understood a little then, in a theoretical way, and I remember exclaiming, "How beautiful! How grand!" What I grasped of it that winter was very, very little, as I see it now, and the three following years, during which English grew more familiar, what served to prove to me the truth of Christian Science was, that I had a few small demonstrations with my limited understanding of it. I kept reading the few passages of Science and Health which I could understand well, and added some others all the time.

During the winter of 1894-95, I read Victor Hugo's "William Shakespeare." In it, he speaks of the great poets,—men of genius who lived through all the ages,—including Job, Isaiah, David, Ezekiel, and since he spoke of them so highly I felt that I must know them,—read them. My prejudice toward the Bible was the prejudice of ignorance. I opened the Bible, and saw how foolish I had been. I have always read the Bible in English as I do not realize the same benefit from the French version. My growth in Christian Science has been rather slow, because I firmly believed that I was good, and that I had very little to do to stay so, but under the searchlight of Truth I had to learn that this was not the case.

February 11, 1905

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