Medical Legislation

The following excerpts are taken from an article, written by Ezra W. Palmer, which appeared in the Denver (Col.) Post of December II. It has more specific reference to a medical bill which has been zealously circulated throughout the state, with a view of predisposing judgment upon the subject.—Ed.

The Christian Scientists of Colorado assuredly have no desire or wish to interfere with wise legislation governing the practice, of medicine, which confines itself strictly to such practice, but when, in the language of the author of this bill, the intention is to "make clear that the essential feature of the practice of medicine is not the administration of drugs, but that it is the cure of sick or injured, irrespective of any particular method of treatment," and at the same time to require all persons, no matter what their wishes or convictions may be, to conform to a particular standard determined by nine materia medica practitioners, they must certainly protest most strongly and emphatically against this unjust invasion of their rights as citizens.

The methods adopted to secure the passage of this bill are unfair and unpatriotic. Quietly, without the knowledge of the public, the candidates for the general assembly have been subjected to the pressure of powerful organizations all over the state, and for what purpose? this namely, to place in absolute control of nine men the care of the sick and suffering and of the health conditions of every man, woman, and child in Colorado, these men to be of a materia medica standard and all others to be excluded as enemies of society. It is a significant fact that the righteousness of this bill has not been championed by a single newspaper in the state, so far as the writer is aware. Its authors have worked in the dark, because the bill will not stand the searching analysis of strict justice to all men. It is monopolistic and antagonistic to the liberties of the people.

Among the Churches
January 28, 1905

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