"A Word in Season"

Isaiah said, "The Lord God hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season, to him that is weary."

In a world where such wisdom is rare, yet so much needed, surely the gift is one to be desired, and also cultivated. This sweet, gentle grace which teaches us how to do deeds of kindness, and how, moved with compassion, to speak kind and encouraging words when they are most needed, is very often absent. And why is this? Many people show that they have genuine love, joy, peace, and faith, and yet seem to lack the wisdom needed for their application when some poor stricken one is disheartened over a mistake, or a failure to stand when tempted. Perhaps with the very best intentions, they say or do just the wrong thing. When these come near to one who has been tempted, who has perhaps fallen, and is chafing under the terrible thought of wrong doing, and feeling bowed down to the earth with shame,—then, instead of pouring in oil and wine, they, with perhaps best intentions, but with mistaken views,—begin to probe the wound to its most sensitive depths. There are times, surely, when hurts need probing, but a gentle, loving, as well as an understanding touch, should do the work. The very keenest sting for the poor suffering one, is the conviction that the terrible suffering has all been brought on by his own wrong doing. To such an one, when utterly disheartened and discouraged. with seemingly no hope left, how like dew from heaven it seems, to have some cheering word of encouragement, especially from those who are endeavoring to follow the Master, and who should know how to speak a loving word in season. The wise Christian Scientist does not, in such a case, drag up from the mire all the mortifying reasons for the physical condition, but instead holds out the cheering, uplifting thought, and points to an inspiring outlook of great possibilities for the one who must pass through the fiery furnace for purification. We read, "Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy."

Little Things
January 28, 1905

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