It is nearly ten years since I received my first treatment...

It is nearly ten years since I received my first treatment in Christian Science and was healed of chronic spinalmeningitis. The physician who had attended me through two acute attacks of the disease, said I would never be well or strong, and that I would be liable to repeated attacks as long as I lived and might at any time be rendered helpless. About two years and a half later, I met a lady who told me she had been healed of spinal trouble and heart disease through Christian Science, when five doctors had pronounced her case hopeless. She looked so well and happy that I asked her to explain it to me saying that while I would like to be healed, I would rather suffer than accept anything which would lead me away from true Christianity. She explained enough for me to see that Christian Science was nothing to be afraid of, as I had thought, but was rather the higher understanding of the Scriptures which heals as Jesus did, and as he taught his disciples to do.

A month later I was visiting in the mountains and was taken with the worst attack I ever had. Medicine which had before given me relief had no effect and I was brought home and had an interview with the Christian Scientist (the only one I knew). She talked with me for a while, answered my questions, and then gave me a treatment. I was much relieved and was able to take a long car ride that evening. The next morning when I awoke, the pain seemed worse than ever, and it seemed that it would be impossible to dress myself, but I thought, Now is the time to prove what Christian Science can do for me. I began to dress with much difficulty, meanwhile denying the evidence of the physical senses and declaring that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. I tried to realize the meaning of the words and that I was God's spiritual child, and by the time I was dressed all pain had left and I felt that I was healed. I went downstairs and prepared breakfast for the household. I gained strength rapidly and was able to do harder work than I had ever done before. When I had been under treatment a few days I discovered that my eyes were healed. I had worn glasses for nearly three years, and a specialist had refitted my eyes with glasses three months before. He told me that I would always have to wear these glasses, as I had astigmatism and muscular weakness, but I have never worn them since nor needed them. I was also healed of rheumatism of many years' standing, supposed to be due to heredity, and I was free from that trouble for several years, when there seemed to be a return of it but in a different form, and it was overcome through Christian Science. I received class instruction from one of Mrs. Eddy's students and it has been a great help to me.

For several years prior to my introduction to Christian Science I had felt dissatisfied with my religious experience, as a church member, and was earnestly secking for more light, so when I began to read Science and Health it was a revelation to me, and I knew that I had found the absolute truth. I have had many trials of my faith, but God has been a very present help in every time of need, and the trials have only served to strengthen and purify me. I am deeply grateful to the one who first showed me the way and through whose efforts I was healed, also to my teacher, and to the Publishing Society for our literature, but above all to our dear Leader who has given to the world this great truth.—Mrs. Lena Waters, Denver, Col.

Testimony of Healing
If the following experience should prove helpful to any...
January 28, 1905

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