About twelve years ago I graduated from the Nurses Training School...

About twelve years ago I graduated from the Nurses Training School in Newburyport, Mass. After following my profession several years, I broke down from overwork. My physician said that I was worn out, both mentally and physically, so I gave up my work and put myself under his treatment. Although he was very kind and did all he could for me, I did not improve, and he suggested my going to a nervine asylum. I decided to do as he thought best, and I was there several months, but did not feel that I was gaining any, so I made another change. I went into the country among friends, where I had rest and pleasant surroundings, and while there I improved so that I was able to come home and start my work again in a small way. After working a little, the agony of mind returned; I seemed in despair; "the cloud hung thick around me, darkening the light of day." Still I kept on with my work, though feeling that did not get relief soon I should be obliged to give it up again. I knew that I could get no help from materia medica, and my heart cried out, Where can I go for help? when out of the silence a still, small voice whispered "Christian Science." and I grasped the thought as a drowning man would grasp at a straw.

I had heard very little of Christian Science, and nothing favorable, but I felt that it was my last resort, and I said, I will try it. Before many hours had elapsed I went to see a practitioner. She had talked with me only a little when the clouds seemed to separate and I saw a ray of light. Before I left her office I had put myself under treatment. I took Science and Health to read, and soon the clouds rolled away and the sun shone for me once more.

I began at once to attend the meetings when my work would allow. It was not long before I united with the church in this city and later with The Mother Church. I gradually stopped nursing under materia medica. I have been healed of a number of ailments, among which are neuralgia and canker in the mouth, with which I had suffered from childhood. My heart goes out in gratitude to God, and to Mrs. Eddy, through whom this wonderful truth has been revealed to the world.

Testimony of Healing
To-day, with the sun shining in at my window, and a...
January 28, 1905

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