When a girl, there came an experience into my life which I can never forget, and from which I have since drawn some useful lessons.

I was then living with relatives in Buffalo, N. Y., and on one occasion they took a party of friends, together with their own family, myself included, up the Niagara River in a small tugboat for a day's fishing. There were about fifteen on board, besides an experienced pilot, and two skiffs were attached to the rear of the tug, for use by those desiring to go nearer shore. We steamed up river until we arrived at a suitable point. when those who desired to fish took to the skiffs, the pilot among them, leaving the tug in mid-river to drift. In an hour or so I noticed anxious face about me; I saw all on board looking in one direction in great fear, and was told that the mist seen rising in the distance was the spray of Niagara Falls. I remember the thought uppermost in my mind was, that we would not be so far down river were the pilot not sure it was all right. I had all confidence in him, and seemed to know that he could easily get us back into quieter waters when it seemed necessary. Looking into the water, I could see it getting very swift and turbulent, and we were drifting very fast. Over near the shore, in a skiff alone, sat our pilot, and it took some time to attract his attention, although we shouted and waved furiously. When he came on board I remember with what caution he turned the little boat around, and how slowly he began to make his way back against the tide, for I was told when I arrived home that a break in the machinery, or a disabling of the boat, would have meant that we should drift into the rapids, and all be lost.

"A Word in Season"
January 28, 1905

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