The Recognition of Law

One of the objections made by materialists to Christian Science is that a God who could relieve mankind of the ills from which they suffer, and would not, unless His conditions whimsical tyrant. This is a misapprehension of what Christian Science teaches as to the prerequisties of healing. To a mechanic who made this objection an easy answer was given; namely, The conditions required are not whims to be complied with but laws to which conformance is necessary. In the erection of a building architectural laws must be observed or the structure is liable to fall.

To a printer who made the same objection, the correction, put in the form of an illustration from his craft, was substantially this: When a form has to be made ready for the press, every type, every space, every rule, and the side and foot-sticks have to be in place and the form perfectly "justified" and locked. The law governing "making up" has to be complied with in every way or the form will not "lift" safely. If any part of the form has been carelessly made up, the defect is liable to be developed by the vibration of the press, and both press and form be greatly damaged in consequence.

Scientific Methods
January 7, 1905

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