The Heavens are Telling

From Thy will stream the world, life, and nature.

Though our sense of space and time, with all the other limitations of human thought, can but sadly mar our concept of God, nevertheless we may be inspired, find escape from a baser self, as mind and heart are opened to the grandeur and sublimity of the universe about us. To turn away from the realm of sickness and sin, and let thought speed into the star-illumined corridors of the sky, is to find a richer communion, a nobler aspiration, calmness and strength, and there is much to indicate that the Master's frequent retirement, in the night season, to the mountains and desert places apart, was for that refreshment and strengthening which the spiritual interpretation of nature ever brings, and which served to relieve any sense of exhaustion attending the constant self-expenditure of his life.

In a recent article on the celestial distances, Professor Newcomb has spoken of the solar system as "merely a point! a sphere with a radius 400,000 times the distance of the sun. An idea of this distance may be gained by reflecting that light, making the circuit of the earth seven times in a second, and reaching us from the sun in eight minutes and twenty seconds, would require seven years to reach the surface of the sphere we have supposed. Now, the first result of measures of parallax is that within this enormous sphere there is, besides our sun in the center, only a single star; named Alpha Centauri."

Letters to our Leader
January 7, 1905

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