I am a woman seventy-three years of age

I am a woman seventy-three years of age. About three years ago I fell and broke my nose. It bled profusely and was so sore that it seemed to hurt even to be looked at without being touched. One of the most gentle of doctors was telephoned for, and he was going to set it, but I could not bear to have it touched. He then told me to keep a cloth wet with a solution of witch hazel on it to take the soreness out so that he could put it in place, but it did no good. A piece of skin was rubbed off under the left eye. There was a large lump over the same eye and the nose was pushed to one side, and the doctor said that an abscess would form which would eat the bone away. I did all I could with material remedies to bring everything back to its natural state, but instead of getting better if got worse. I then thought, not try Christian Science? I went on Tuesday to a practitioner, and the next day the lump disappeared, and at the same time the swelling and the discoloration also left. Before the end of the week I was looking natural. The practitioner gave me Christian Science literature to read. I read the scientific statement of being (Science and Health, p. 468) twice, and when I got half way through again I felt as if a gentle hand was putting my nose in place and instantly the soreness was all gone. But that was not all; I felt such a glorious spiritual uplifting of thought that it seemed as if I were in heaven. That spiritual sense has stayed with me ever since, and my prospects are growing brighter. I wish to add that my nose also regained its proper shape at this time.

I can never say enough in favour of dear Mrs. Eddy through whom the blessed Saviour has shown us the way. "It is God that girdeth me with strength, and maketh my way perfect." — Mrs. M. E. Harton, Cincinnati, O.

Testimony of Healing
It is now six years and a half since I commenced the...
January 7, 1905

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