I wish to express my gratitude for the understanding of...

I wish to express my gratitude for the understanding of God that I have gained through the study of Christian Science. Three years ago Christian Science found me a most miserable woman. I was a great sufferer physically and mentally. I had several years before graduated from a regular school for trained nurses and followed my profession for a number of years, the greater part of the time being superintendent of a hospital and associated with some of the ablest physicians in the country. I saw their most noble efforts often fail to alleviate pain or prolong life, and having myself found it necessary at two different times to submit to surgical operations which afforded only temporary relief, I found myself losing faith in materia medica. I gave up my profession as nurse to be married, and, as I then thought, to live a life of happiness and peace, but sickness, first in one form and then another, manifested itself, till life became a burder, to me, and my great fear was that I would become a burden to my family. I could find no relief in materia medica, and finally, in desperation, I turned to Christian Science. I knew nothing about it or its teachings and had always entertained a sense of ridicule towards it; I had no faith in it, but just grasped at it as a drowning man would at a straw.

I went to see a practitioner and in less than a week was lifted clear out of the gloom. My healing was rapid. I had suffered intensely from indigestion, chronic bladder trouble, aggravated nervousness, and insomnia in its worst form. Of all of these I was healed. I had worn glasses for twelve years for far-sightedness and astigmatism. I laid them aside when I commenced studying Christian Science and have never had them on since, and have never felt the need of them. I was also healed of intense fear. My healing certainly was marvelous and so impressed myself and family that we made a thorough investigation of Christian Science, feeling sure that it had a divine origin, with the result that no member of the family has taken one drop of medicine in the last three years and we never before enjoyed such perfect health. Any form of inharmony that has manifested itself in this time has been very quickly destroyed by our understanding of Christian Science.

January 7, 1905

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