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We are often asked to "say something in the Sentinel" calculated to correct some practice or custom which the person who makes the request believes to be a growing evil destined to work great injury to our Cause, but in a majority of instances we have found that the evil complained of is one which can be readily corrected by obedience to the letter and the spirit of the Church Manual, and it therefore seems inexpedient to devote any of our limited space to articles which we are requested to write upon these various subjects. Another reason why a discussion of some of the evils reported to us cannot be undertaken is, that they are purely local matters, upon which persons may differ without bad motives and without intending to abridge the rights of any other person. Recourse to Article XXI., Section I, of the By-laws of The Mother Church is the first step necessary to the settlement of all such difficulties and differences of opinion, and to the extent that the spirit of this by-law is understood and its letter practised, all seeming necessity for the expression of an opinion by a third party, even if that third party be the Sentinel, will be removed.

There is yet another class of questions that we are called upon to answer, which deal with the deep things of Mind, and which are fully answered in our text-book. Questions of this latter class we cannot undertake to answer, and it is quite unnecessary that we should. The Scriptures unfold a perfect plan of salvation, and through the study of Science and Health we are enabled to understand and follow this plan, but this work each individual must do for himself. While a person of consecrated life and keen spiritual perception may point out the way of salvation, he cannot achieve salvation for any individual other than himself.

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January 7, 1905

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