Four years ago, one very dear to me came to Boston for...

Four years ago, one very dear to me came to Boston for the Communion service. I had a long talk with him, and he told me of Christian Science. It made very little impression at the time, although during the following year I heard of Christian Science in all directions, and felt there must be something in it, as it appealed to all sorts and conditions of men. I thought the ideas I had heard were beautiful, but the healing seemed so absurd that I could not possibly admit it to my common-sense intellect.

The following June I again met and talked with my father. I had worn glasses for several years, as I was supposed to have a very bad case of astigmatism. The glasses seemed to trouble my father and he talked a long time about Christian Science, and how it could and would make them unnecessary for me. The next morning, when I dressed, I thought, "Father talked so much about my glasses not being necessary. I will leave them off just to please him by trying, but I know I will soon need them and of course it will give me a severe headach, as usual." Night came and I suddenly remembered I had not needed my glasses all day, and great was my surprise. That evening I lay down while reading and so put on the glasses again, since according to the belief of mortal mind law, that was the greatest trial I could give my eyes. The next morning I thought, "I got along so well yesterday, I will try it again; of course I know it is foolishness, but I will do it just to please father."

Testimony of Healing
Many years ago, when I first heard of Christian Science,...
September 17, 1904

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