The Denial of Matter

CONSIDERABLE argument has been indulged in against Christian Scientists because of their stand for the unreality of matter. The fact that Science and Health teaches the nothingness of matter from the spiritual point of view has given rise to unprecedented incredulity from the most unexpected quarters on the one hand, and has given the Christian Scientists an impregnable defence and source of spiritual refreshment on the other. Many of the common objections to the position of Christian Scientists can be answered successfully from any of the ordinary authorities on physics. Our libraries are abundantly supplied with discourses on the subject of matter, but upon investigation one finds that he is no nearer an understanding of his subject when he has finished his inquiry than when he commenced. He will probably, as one of his results, see matter from more points of view than before, and this we are pleased to style education; but, so far as coming to any definite conclusion, the reader will very likely fall into line with the author, and conclude that the subject is beyond explanation. When you turn to the Christian Scientist for light, you are referred to the Bible. You are not asked to study somebody's ideas of matter. Neither are you asked to study matter itself to find out what it is. You are advised simply to turn from it, for in no other way can matter be understood. You cannot find out what it is by studying it, or by examining its manifestations, for the reason that it is error, and the Christian Scientist refers you to the teaching of Jesus because there you find truth.

Many minds which are not to be convinced by the ordinary arguments of material scientists, are responsive to his teachings. If the Christian Scientist is permitted to give his authority and prove his position from the Bible, it will speedily appear that the Bible and Science and Health are at one on the point, and that Science and Health is indeed the Key to the Scriptures.

July 18, 1903

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