For the Children.

The Passing of Fear

Two little girls aged three and five years were asking for something to do; this was last summer and they were living in the country. It was suggested that they go and pick dandelions. They were delighted, so taking their little baskets, they started. An auntie carried the smaller one down the terrace where the flowers were growing in profusion. She found upon arriving that there seemed to be a bee to each dandelion. Her first thought was to bring the children away, but as they were learning not to fear, for Love was always with them, she said, "You see the bees are having their dinner, wait till they have finished, then pick the flowers." She left them in Love's protection, and returned to the house. About an hour later they came in with their little baskets full of the dandelions, saying, "See, we waited until the bees had their dinner, then we picked the flowers."

The little one of three seemed to have a fear of going to any part of the house, which is a large one, alone. One day she wanted to play with her dollies. The play-room is on the third floor, and she and her auntie, who were on the first floor, were the only ones in the house at the time. Running to her auntie she said, "Will Love go with me if I go upstairs and play with my dollies?" Her auntie said, "Yes, Love is there." She started off, and was heard repeating the words all the way up the stairs, "Love goes with me." When she arrived on the second floor her courage seemed to fail, for back to auntie she trotted, and said, "Auntie, did you say Love goes all the way?" She was again assured that Love was with her; this time she was heard all the way to the top floor saying, "Love goes with me." Nothing was heard from her until two hours later she was found playing Sunday School with her dolls.

The Miner's Little Daughter
July 18, 1903

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