As Wise Followers

Much is said in the public prints, from the pulpits, and in direct conversation with Christian Scientists, to the effect that those who are trying to live this new-old religion of healing and happiness are "followers of Mrs. Eddy," and the statement often takes the form of a scornful accusation instead of a plain statement of fact, carrying with it the thought that to be thus designated was something not desirable, but rather to be avoided.

In this day there are few in the ranks of Science who would not willingly bear whatever opprobrium such a statement might seem to cast upon them, for publicly and privately the loyal Scientist is proud to be characterized as a "follower of Mrs. Eddy." Those who have accepted Christian Science and have tried to demonstrate it, willingly admit that they are "followers of Mrs. Eddy," although forced to admit that they are following a long way behind their Leader.

Willingly do they accept such a characterization, because they have proven,—often through bitter experience,—that it is safe to follow Mrs. Eddy because her greater spiritual insight makes it possible for her to discern the shoals and dark places, and give timely warning to those who are following her leadership, thus saving them from experiences which she had to pass through in order that the warning she gave might be based on actual experience. A wise guide and counsellor she has proven every time, and it is only when we shut our eyes to her warnings and strike out on a path of our own that we suffer. Thus we have proven that it is the part of wisdom to follow her; and so to be called "followers of Mrs. Eddy," simply means to the Scientist that he is on the right road, and that a wise guide is leading.

June 5, 1902

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