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Rev. James A. Blaisdel says in The Congregationalist and Christian World:

"The Church has been preaching truly the genuine message, but, as the years have gone by, it has become clear that the original simplicity has been involved in a cloak of confusing conceptions. It is simply fact to say that before the conflicting methods and results of disputing doctors the lay mind has come to stand in hopeless bewilderment, a bewilderment only increased by the lapse of years. It is not simply that there have been vast differences in the teaching of honest and able scholars as to historic facts, nor that these varying views have failed to find conclusive settlement in the type of life produced in those holding them, nor that it is around these varying doctrines that the most un-Christly and repulsive rabies theologorum has gathered, nor is it the spectacle of a multitude of denominations equally positive in their divergences, nor that the modern scholarship is disturbing ancient landmarks; but finally, it is the very fact that a kind of historical seminar, in which distinct advantage is with the expert scholar, has been made the strange highway into the kingdom of righteousness.

"In the midst of this bewilderment a new cry has arisen as the real essence and simplicity of Christianity. 'What would Jesus do in my place?' A great revival has swept the world both within and without the Church.

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June 5, 1902

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