I have been a smoker for thirty-five years, and in that...

I have been a smoker for thirty-five years, and in that time I made several attempts to leave it off only to commence again because it made me nervous and I had nothing better to do. It made me nervous to smoke and it made me nervous not to smoke.

When I came to Christian Science I came seeking the Truth honestly and openly. I had read but a little in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" when I came to these words in the preface: "but to reach the heights of Christian Science, man must live in obedience to its divine Principle." Then I felt that tobacco and I would have to part company. Within ten days after commencing to read Science and Health smoking left me. I did not leave smoking, smoking left me and took with it the desire. Now I account for this by being on a higher plane, in a clearer atmosphere, where tobacco cannot live or mingle. There is no room even for the desire. If you have not opened yourself sufficiently to receive this Truth, try it, and you will soon demonstrate how quickly you will rise to a thought so pure that the use of tobacco in any form will be repulsive to you.—S. A. Blasland, Boston, Mass.

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April 24, 1902

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