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A PAPER carpet, the first of its kind on record, was invented in 1806 by Francis Guy. It quickly proved a financial failure, and was intended for "summer use," to quote one of the inventor's advertisements which appeared at the time. Francis Guy was quite well known in his day as the proprietor of two large hotels, one in Philadelphia and the other in Baltimore.

The natives of Brazil long ago adorned their homes with feather mats, which they hung on the walls of their dwellings and occasionally placed before the doors of their houses, though they invariably placed a common mat by the side of the handsome one for use. These mats and hangings were made from the plumage of tropical birds, and the brilliant natural hues produced a handsome effect. The birds were caught in nets and slaughtered by the hundred, after which the feathers were dried in the sun.

Electric Generators for Canadian Power Co.
April 24, 1902

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