One day a lady came to my home and said, "You...

One day a lady came to my home and said, "You will be surprised when I tell you what I have come for." She said that her little boy had sprained his neck very badly four weeks ago. Since then he had been under two doctors' care and was not getting any better, and that yesterday the doctor told her he was very much afraid that the cords were paralyzed, and that was the reason why recovery was so slow. That frightened the lady and she said to the doctor, "Well, I have no faith in Christian Science, but I am broad-minded, and will take him to a Christian Science practitioner and have him treated." I then asked her if she knew anything about Christian Science. She said, "No, I do not; but you may treat him." I said, "You are not supposed to have faith in anything that you do not understand. I will show my faith by my works." She brought the boy that afternoon for treatment. The little fellow looked the picture of distress from suffering and from loss of sleep. The mother brought him again next day, and they both had a look of encouragement. She said he had the best night's rest the previous night that he had had since he was hurt, and he could now move his neck without turning his whole body. The third day the boy came alone, and was much better. The fourth day I met the mother on the street. She said the boy was all right, and would not have to come again, that the night before he was out with the other boys hallowe'ening, and had as good a time as any of them.

Mrs. Julia E. Watson, Aspen, Col.

Testimony of Healing
I am a little girl and have often felt I should add my...
February 6, 1902

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