Chains Loosened

Nearly three years ago, weary and heart-sick, trying to attain the perfection which Scripture commands, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect," getting no nearer the goal and realizing that the beliefs of theology which I had clung to since early childhood were sinking from beneath me because of lack of foundation and practical ability to meet the needs my heart craved, I turned to Christian Science, and in these few years have received more strength, help, and comfort than in all the preceding years of my life worshiping an unknown God. Soon after taking up the subject I found it necessary to call upon a practitioner and through her loving counsel I have been enabled to see the links of the chain that fettered me to fear, anger, envy, jealousy, selfishness, etc., loosen and gradually begin sinking from sight. For these signs I greatly rejoice and give thanks to God, for I am confident that the work of destruction and transformation thus begun will go on until the temple is complete and I shall finally awake in His likeness. The overcoming of fear has wrought for me a great sense of relief and freedom. I was afraid of all manner of things and never ventured outside of my home alone after night, or had any comfort in it. Now I go at any time anywhere, with a perfect sense of security and safety through the realization that God is all-power, all-good, and ever by my side.

In childhood I formed a horrible mental picture which I only recently lost, of the time when death should enter our home, never having lost any near relative. During the past month I was enabled to pass through this seeming trial upheld by the understanding of the all-sustaining presence and power of God as life, and those who came to comfort me who were not Scientists, remarked that they came to comfort me but went away comforted.

Taking Thought
February 6, 1902

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