Fear Overcome

While in the country this summer, I learned a lesson that helped me. One afternoon I was out for a drive. As a child, and all my life, I had been afraid of horses, as I had been in a runaway once. This afternoon we were to take a long ride to the ocean. It was indeed delightful, for nature was in its beauty, the birds so free in their flight and song, and I was away from the noisy city. We had driven some ten miles, when I saw an automobile before us, letting off a lot of steam. I was alarmed, for it was a new sight to the horse we had. The driver said he did not like the looks of things. I asked to get out, and was ready to jump, when my thought was changed, by a thought from the lesson on "Love," and a reference in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker G. Eddy, came to me. "It is ignorance and belief alone, based on a material view of things, which hide spiritual beauty and goodness." "Divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation or object." "That joy cannot be turned into sorrow." Then this thought changed my fear into joy, for I knew "God's word is not void of power." Then I thought how God's plan is ever unfolding to us, and yet we fear, and see things materially, through our ignorance and belief, and hide the spiritual beauty which would afford us such joy. The horse did not mind the automobile, I did not get out of the carriage, and my fear subsided in much less time than I have taken to write this.

Truly there is but one Mind, and that is Love. The belief of another mind tried to take away my joy. How watchful we should be every hour, to cling to Principle, then we have spiritual power.—M. J. T., Boston, Mass.

Testimony of Healing
Thankful for Christian Science
September 26, 1901

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