There are, and have been, philosophies many, but how much true philosophy apart from the Bible? The world has grown gray with speculation along philosophical lines based on material premises, or in attempts at the admixture of the material and the spiritual; and with what result? The result that the larger part of it is still speculating, and is as far away from the goal of real philosophy as ever. To find the true Philosopher's Stone mankind must turn away from the material to the wholly spiritual,—in other words, to the Bible; especially to the life and teaching of Jesus. This life and teaching, correctly understood and demonstrated, comprehends the best there is of all philosophy. The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest treatise on the subject. Rightly interpreted, it furnishes the best philosophical text the world affords. The philosophy which teaches the love of God and man, making the one co-equal with the other, is the true philosophy. The life and teaching that proved divine Love to be all-powerful in healing disease and destroying sin, is the true life and teaching.

The life and teaching which to-day most nearly approaches the life and teaching of Jesus, furnishes the best criterion of true philosophy. Where is to be found a work or text-book on religious philosophy which sets forth a system of healing sickness and curing sin on a strictly spiritual basis, save the Christian Science text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures"? And where is to be found to-day a person who for upwards of thirty-five years has devoted (and is now devoting) to the establishment of this system of healing disease and curing sin, the whole of her time, save the author of this text-book, Mary Baker G. Eddy? There is but one such text-book, there is but one such author, in the world now.

Words of Praise
September 26, 1901

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