When Weary of Marching

When the children of Israel first heard the good news that God had promised Moses to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians, they bowed their heads and worshiped, for the Promised Land, ideally beautiful, spread itself out before their mental vision, and they could picture themselves already in possession of it. Afterwards Moses made his demand on Pharaoh for the release of the Israelites and was rebuffed. Then when their taskmasters retaliated by making their burdens heavier, the children of Israel doubted Moses and his God, and complained that they had interfered in their affairs.

When Christian Science first appears to us in what seems to be our darkest hour, when we are utterly weary of the fruitless struggle against the bonds of sickness, poverty, or sin, we hear the message of liberty it brings, with thankfulness and joy, and bow our heads in worship, because we take it for granted that we can enter into this new estate where disease and discord are unknown without any protest from our lifelong masters. When we essay to test the promise of freedom and find that error tightens its grip, we feel like complaining.

What Fear Does
August 31, 1899

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