Christian Science Healing

New Haven Register

The meeting which was held in New York last week to discuss the problems which the growing Christian Science Church presented, was one of the most interesting events of the kind on record. Not that there were any large number of people there or that anything very remarkable was done, but men and women were there representing almost every branch to which higher education admits a man or a woman, and a great many things which were said there were indicative of the way in which people are coming to view the whole Christian Science question.

Christian Science, in the last few years, has assumed remarkable proportions; proportions which ten years ago would have been thought entirely impossible, and which to-day make it one of the forces in our social organization which it is well worth our while to take into consideration. And that it has grown to such dimensions, and taken such a firm hold on the minds of an ever-increasing body of our population, is proof positive that it is worthy of consideration. No one can dismiss Christian Science to-day on the ground that it is upheld by a limited circle of believers. There are more Christian Scientists to-day in America than there are Congregationalists, and their number is constantly increasing. What the future will bring forth it is impossible to foretell.

Eternal Punishment
August 31, 1899

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