Speaking of the Wednesday evening meetings, it is well that the churches all be clear as to their real, vital purpose. As a First Reader in a large church, I feel that we have been wonderfully led by divine Principle in the past, I mean all the branch churches,—for there can be no doubt that it was well to exclude as much as possible mere personal opinion at the Testimonial Meetings. This exclusion brought also the demand for good testimonials of healing and moral regeneration, and surely there can be nothing which can inspire eloquence so much as declaring the greatness and goodness of God, as witness the Psalms of David.

While all Christian Scientists must rejoice in whatever tends to give true freedom to thought, it may be well to remember that it is not best to attempt much, if anything, in the way of interpretation of either the Bible or of Science and Health,—yet we can with advantage tell of their application to daily need.

December 22, 1898

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