Dear Democrat:—I see by your last paper that the good...

Dear Democrat:—I see by your last paper that the good Methodist minister of your city was to have paralyzed Christian Science last Sunday by exposing its fallacies. I was very sorry not to have been able to hear him, as there are some of those fallacies right in this neighborhood that are sadly troubling me. For instance, three days ago there were two little boys of about the same age taken at the same time with a severe cold. Neither could speak much above a whisper, and both were coughing continually. One took no medicine, but was treated by the simple denials of Christian Science, and was perfectly well in six hours. The other is coughing yet like a Mississippi steamboat, although he has taken a whole lot of medicine and is hungering and thirsting after more. The parents of one child were at no expense, while the parents of the other bought a small interest in a drug store. That is one fallacy, and here is another: A gentleman of this city, formerly of Presbyterian predilections, was subject to various troublesome diseases nearly all his life, such as sleeplessness, stomach troubles, salt-rheum, and other skin diseases, but a year ago he consulted a Scientist, and for twelve months last past he hasn't had an ache or a pain, eats like a preacher, and sleeps like a baby. One more fallacy and I will adjourn this convention. A certain family in this neighborhood used to have a great deal of sickness. Some one of the children was ailing most of the times, and the doctor was there every week. Medicine and physicians cost that family almost as much as meat and groceries combined, but last November the family went into Science, and there hasn't been a doctor or a drug in that household since, and there are no healthier or happier people on this side of the Red Sea. If these things, and millions more like them, are all fallacies, and I can be made to so believe, then I will agree with the good brother that Christ and his followers were mistaken when they said that genuine Christians could heal the sick as easily as they could save the sinner. Yours in Truth,

Simon Peter. Central City (Neb.) Democrat.

December 22, 1898

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