Seeking peace

Can I be a force for peace?
Can I lay down my weapons—
my opinions, my indignation,
my judgment, “That’s so wrong!”
For none of these can heal.
None can mend.

Instead, in every moment,
throughout each precious day,
can I let forgiveness replace hurt,
compassion replace criticism,
kindness replace anger?
Can I silence the words that compare,
surrender the thoughts that divide?
Can I accept, include, allow
all God’s ideas?

Can I simply love?
Can I let Love fill my being,
pour through me
to meet every situation,
envelop every person,
embrace all?

Yes! I can know that divine Love—
tender, healing, potent Love—
fills all space,
reaching my family, my friends,
a neighbor, a stranger, an enemy,
until the world breathes peace.

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