Navigating chaotic times with prayer

I trusted that God, divine Love, would provide for us all.

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For the past few years, people in many countries have been living in a chaotic atmosphere. This has resulted not only from the COVID crisis but also from conflicts between governments and minority groups who feel marginalized and wish to assert their independence.

There are many problems to overcome, such as fear, lack, lockdowns, and incessant fighting. As a Christian Scientist who has experienced such circumstances, I have been praying to know that God, divine Principle, is the only one governing, and that therefore, despite the way things seem, everyone has whatever they need. There is no lack of necessary resources; there is no crying in our streets; and no one can suffer. No matter what appears to be going on, we can experience God’s government in order, peace, and abundance.

One day, separatist fighters in my country instructed everyone to stay home for 14 days because they planned a sit-down strike, and said we should buy enough food to last the length of the strike. People wondered where the money would come from to buy so much food at once and where the food would come from to last us such a long time. I prayed with this verse from the Bible: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear” (I John 4:18). I trusted that God, divine Love, would provide for us all.

I went to the market with one of my relations who assists me whenever I call him for help. I needed fish, but the money I had could not buy enough fish for so many days. I bought only the little I could afford and put it in the two bags we had brought with us. I asked my relation to put one bag inside the other so there would be only one bag to carry home. I then left him in the store to do that and went to find a motorcycle to take him home, while I stayed at the market and did a few more tasks. 

When my relation arrived home, he called to ask what he should do with so much fish. I told him I did not understand. And when I arrived home I saw a bag full of fish and fruits that I hadn’t bought. I was surprised. I called the owner of the store to ask if anyone had called to complain about a missing bag of fish. He said no one had complained. I told him if he heard that someone was missing a bag he should let me know, but I never heard back from him.

I smoked the fish and placed it in the sun until it was well dried. I told my neighbors of the blessing and invited them to come for fish if the need arose. The fish was plenteous. By the second week of the strike, my neighbors ran short of fish, so each in his own time came to ask for some of my fish. Everyone who came had enough to eat. What an abundant supply! The fish served many of us during that period, and we were all grateful to God. 

I trusted that God, divine Love, would provide for us all.

I travel a lot, and in many places traveling has been very difficult. Checkpoints are everywhere on the streets and highways. Whenever I approach a checkpoint, I hold in mind that man’s—everyone’s—true identity is spiritual. I see in the person checking travelers’ identity cards only the image of God, who is gentle, loving, and kind. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures explains, “Man is spiritual and perfect; and because he is spiritual and perfect, he must be so understood in Christian Science” (Mary Baker Eddy, p. 475). As a result of seeing everyone as spiritual, I’ve consistently experienced gentle and loving treatment. 

On one occasion, there was a conflict between the military and the freedom fighters in our area. I had gone to town that afternoon, and as the shooting progressed, there was a lockdown. To get home when the road opened again, I took a taxi, which was overloaded because everyone was rushing home. We came to a junction where there was brutal retaliation by the military against the citizens. Cars and taxis were being stopped, and the drivers were asked to get out. Some of the drivers and passengers were told to lie down and were beaten.

Immediately I prayed with this statement: “God is Love. Can we ask Him to be more?” (Science and Health, p. 2). I felt divine Love’s presence and saw everyone as Love’s reflection, the beloved sons and daughters of God. Peace began to reign. 

Our taxi was not stopped. We were allowed to continue down the street. Our driver was surprised. He said he would go home and celebrate how God had saved him. The passengers rejoiced that only God could have given us such marvelous protection. Other cars and taxis followed us down the street moments later without being stopped. The soldiers who were beating the citizens left. All the cars and passengers were free, and normal traffic circulation resumed. This was the information I got minutes after we left the scene. 

I could share many more examples of God’s power. The many experiences shared by Christian Scientists at weekly testimony meetings in regard to these challenging times make it clear that despite apparent discord and lack, God is All-in-all—the only power. Understanding God spiritually, we experience peace where there appears to be discord and war, abundance where there seems to be lack, and freedom where there appears to be restriction. This understanding in Christian Science leads to a joy that cannot be defined in words. 

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