Already there

I was learning to stick with Christ,
even if the man Jesus was not in the boat. 
His words always stuck with me—
over waves and rowing through the wind—
about the faith to persevere.
He said the tiniest faith could
remove mountains—mountains of fear, of obstacles.
“Remove hence”Matthew 17:20  and they would be gone!
But faith in what? Faith in whom? And when?
Faith in Spirit. Faith in good. Faith in Love. Faith in God.

When? Now and always. At darkest times. In the best of times.
Faith not in some body or somebody.
Faith in God’s presence. Faith in God’s power.
Faith in His peace, His stillness—our Father.

Rough seas ahead? Waves pounding your boat?
Fear not, only believe. Believe in God. Believe in God’s Son. Believe in Christ, Truth. 

Then came that day. I’ll never forget.
Jesus stayed behind on land. He sent us ahead on the sea.

And we were alone. Alone in the boat on the water.
We rowed in vain, against headwinds and fear.

But something was coming. Right over the waves.
A ghost? A spirit? Coming toward us!
Our fear welled up like a mighty wave.

We’re doomed to failure! No hope for us now.
But then Christ called. A message to each of us: “It’s me, not a ghost.”

It’s Christ walking over all waves of fear.
Peter answered, “If it’s you, then me, too!”
“OK. Come join me. Walk over the sea. What I do, you can do.”

Peter stepped out and moved forward. He was there, too.
Until . . . till . . . fear overwhelmed him, and he sank
just a bit . . . just a tiny bit under . . . till the hand—yes, that loving hand of Jesus—extended, and Peter was in the ship, safe and sound.

But guess what? We landed in that instant.
We were already there. No waiting. No effort.
Already there! Safe. Secure. No time. No fear.

Already there with Christ at our side.

Already feeling Christ’s comfort. Already home in God with no fear. 
We just had to listen.
We just had to hear.
We just had to follow.

Faith in God removed mountains of fear.
Following Christ showed we’re already there.
Yes, we all are already there!

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