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Leaves from a pastor’s note-book; or, Christian Science judged by its fruits

From the Christian Science Sentinel - September 1, 2013

Originally published in the November 15, 1889 issue of the Christian Science Series (Vol. 1, No. 14)

Is Christian Science worthy of being called a religion? Can it take its place in the world's systems of faith? Will its principles do for the guidance of men and women? Will they help mould character? Can they be reduced to practice in the affairs of daily life? and what sort of people are the adherents of this new order? Are they honest, pure, and true? Are they intelligent and sensible folk? Are they spiritually-minded people? Do their lives and characters compare favorably with those who are members of other churches, either orthodox or liberal? Now these are pertinent questions, and, what is more, they offer a practical method of deciding whether Christian Science is entitled to the world's respect. If the principles of this system are as good as those of any other faith, it is entitled to respectful consideration.