Nothing can stop you

Originally published in the 1978 pamphlet titled “Art and beauty: expression and appreciation”

When I was in my twenties the bottom dropped out of my world. Within one year I had lost the remaining members of my family, as well as my savings in an unwise business venture, and I seemed totally to have lost my sense of direction. I remember sitting on the old family horsehair sofa with my cat (just about all I had left) and thinking that things couldn't get worse.

Then the thought came, If things couldn't get worse, they were bound to get better. This wasn't perhaps a very profound bit of metaphysical reasoning, but it was a ray of light in the dark. I sat there suddenly feeling like a child at Christmas, waiting for a special present. I said aloud, "All right God, what do I do next?" Piercing through the funereal gloom came the answer. "Write something funny for the Monitor." Normally I would have considered this a piece of whimsical imagining. Why would it be sensible to write something funny for The Christian Science Monitor when I wasn't a funny writer? I was a serious advertising copywriter—all business. But I had asked God for direction, and if it took this form I wasn't going to turn a deaf ear. I wasn't going to wait for the burning bush See Ex. 3:2-4  before I got a move on. God's answer didn't have to come like a voice out of a thundercloud. I knew from the deep peace within me this was God's silent directing.

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