Smoothing out roller coaster feelings

Who thought it was a good idea to sit here in the front row of a roller coaster? I asked myself, as my stomach felt like a thousand butterflies fighting to get out.

I had a feeling that this was going to happen when I was standing in line. When I was young, I had heard about the “Leap-The-Dips” roller coaster, built in 1902 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. I had always wanted to experience that kind of fun, but now I was an adult, and standing in line for a newer and bigger roller coaster in Ohio. Seeing how high the structure was, my resolve started to weaken. In a front-row seat, I looked ahead at the tracks climbing skyward, reaching almost to the puffy clouds overhead. Suddenly I wished I were back at the ice cream stand we had just passed, instead of on the ride. 

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