Does a big purchase = big anxiety?

For several weeks I’d been getting calls from companies offering to sell me an extended warranty for my car. My car was older, and the original warranty had run out. One day I thought I’d look into what one particular company was offering. If it was reasonable, maybe I’d sign up. Well, the payment was way more than I could afford. In fact, with that much extra money I’d need to spend, I could buy a new car! So I told the company, “Thank you, but no thank you.” 

But this particular company continued to call me. The salesman told me that my car would inevitably break down and that repair costs would be considerably more than the cost of a warranty that would cover repairs. Finally, I took some time to pray specifically about my car situation. I didn’t want to be stuck with high repair costs for an older car, but I also didn’t feel I was financially able to buy a new one.

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