Angel answers

A few recent Sentinel articles on the subject of God and His angel messages led me to recall two instances when clear direction came to me in times of urgent need.

When my children were small, my wife would take them to our summer home in Rhode Island. We lived in Washington, DC, and there was more room for them to play at our summer home. I flew in and joined them on weekends. One night when they were in Rhode Island and I was in DC, I awoke from a sound sleep with the thought that I should get up and pray for my family. I’d never had that kind of experience before. There was no contextual circumstance that impelled me to have this thought. Our summer home was in a tight-knit community, so I always felt assured of my family’s safety when we stayed there. But the thought was persistent, so I did get up and pray for the general well-being of my family for about an hour and a half. My prayer was simple. “God, Father-Mother good, loving everyone, guiding, guarding, and protecting—keep my family safe tonight.”

The next morning I called my wife earlier than I normally did, and asked whether anything unusual had happened during the night. It had. My wife had been roused from a deep sleep by what she thought was our son crying. This was unusual because she usually slept soundly, and our children were old enough to sleep through the night. She got up and walked around upstairs but heard nothing and sensed nothing unusual. She must not have been fully conscious. 

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