One family—God’s!

A whole year traveling? Wow! Melody’s father had taken a break from his job, and Melody and her mom and dad were spending the year going to lots of different places all over the United States. 

But even though it was exciting to see new things, it was still hard for Melody at first. They had to sell their house and put their furniture in storage. She had to leave her school, her friends, and her two cats, Butterball and Buttons. 

The year of traveling turned out to be fun and full of adventures, but then coming back wasn’t easy. Melody had to go to a new school, where she didn’t know anyone.

As the first day got closer, she felt scared. Melody and her mom talked about how much God loves her. And Melody also remembered what she had learned in the Christian Science Sunday Schools she had visited while traveling. She knew that God was with her wherever she went, because God is ever present. Her mom reminded her that there was nowhere she could go, not even a new school, where God wouldn’t be with her. 

They talked about the Lord’s Prayer and the spiritual insights about it in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. Melody and her mom got out the book and read the prayer together. They talked about God being “our Father-Mother God,” as Mrs. Eddy says (p. 16). Melody could see that this meant that all God’s children are brothers and sisters.

Melody thought about the year of traveling with her parents. They’d done so many fun things, like visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World and climbing to the top of the Statue of Liberty. And she remembered how they’d met people at all the new places who were part of God’s family, too. Melody realized she could do the same thing at her new school. She would get to meet more of God’s family! 

After that, when Melody went to school, she wasn’t afraid of being with strangers. Instead, she was excited to meet new “brothers and sisters” as God’s children. She made lots of new friends on her first day and was invited to join a Girl Scout troop. When she came home from school to tell her mom all about it, Butterball and Buttons were there to greet her! She was so happy to have learned that we are all part of God’s family—each one of us.

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September 19, 2022

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