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Spiritual love opens our thought to God’s guidance and to ideas from God that create a community where everyone is valued as a unique, indispensable, spiritual expression of one universal Father-Mother. This builds a church of such focused love that it supports healing, including physical healing.
Keeping Watch

The heart stone

I realized that accepting even small, seemingly inconsequential losses leads to the larger concession to loss of life and must be resisted in whatever form presented. 

Prayer for a friend

Feel divine inspiration from this poem written to heal a friend.

Joyful expectation

As I watched my dogs over the next hour, it struck me how different their expectations for the day were from mine. I was trying to feel joyful anticipation, and they were just doing it.
How I Found Christian Science
Working in the medical field had been becoming more and more of a wilderness experience for me. With a growing dissatisfaction with, and doubt about, what I had studied for years, I was feeling lonely, and even fearful.
I was able to drop my political agenda and its accompanying self-righteous indignation.

One family—God’s!

Melody had to go to a new school, where she didn’t know anyone. As the first day got closer, she felt scared.
I resolved to do better and forgave the officer. The illness soon disappeared.
Testimony of Healing

Burned hand quickly healed

One day, I had prepared the evening meal and was removing a casserole from the oven, using only one oven pad.
Testimony of Healing
My overarching feeling during this experience was gratitude—for the availability of the Christian Science nursing facility, for the practical and loving nursing care I received from the Christian Science nurses, for my family’s care, and for the Christian Science practitioner’s patience and faithful prayer. 
Bible Lens


Light is identified with God from the earliest scriptural texts.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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