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Golden Rule

[Jennifer Ann Gordon Perea, “When I quit blaming,” Sentinel, August 15, 2022]

I loved this article about handling self-righteous judgment and anger, especially the author’s appreciation for the Golden Rule and her closing words: “What do I want others to do to me? I want them to know me as God’s beloved, perfect, spiritual, sinless child, even when the physical senses testify otherwise. And I want to do the same for everyone else, too.”

Patricia Spencer, via JSH-Online.com

means a great deal

[Robert G. Rupp II, “Vision defect reversed,” Sentinel, August 8, 2022]

This testimony means a great deal to me. It is helpful to know that our devotion to studying and applying Christian Science has sure benefits, even without application to a specific need. 

Susan Lapointe, via JSH-Online.com

Illuminating resource

I find the Bible Lens in the Sentinel a succinct, clear, illuminating resource for going deeper and getting clearer views of Bible passages in the weekly Bible Lesson (found in the Christian Science Quarterly), all in one easily accessible platform. 

Christopher Bowers, via JSH-Online.com

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September 19, 2022

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