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Praying for war-torn areas

[Josh Niles, “Prayer’s immediate impact,” Sentinel, April 25, 2022]

I found this article very helpful. Like many worldwide, I have been praying for Ukraine and other war-torn areas. I was reminded that each individual is an expression of God, whether victim or aggressor, and that I could pray from that standpoint. I especially appreciate that it included a firsthand experience in a war zone. 

Frahne Reid, via JSH-Online.com

A classic

[Jeffery Driscoll, “Healing of neck injury,” Sentinel, April 18, 2022]

The author’s testimony about healing a friend when they were teens is outstanding and inspirational. I read it over and over, listened to it, and shared it with others. It is unique and quite powerful. It’s a classic!

Will Cheney, via JSH-Online.com

Fresh reminder

[William E. Moody, “ ‘Peace—to every heart,’ ” Sentinel, April 18, 2022]

Wonderful editorial! Very helpful in dealing with negative world news and pictures of war. A fresh reminder of what really is and who is in control.

Gaby Meyer, via JSH-Online.com

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May 30, 2022

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