Healed after fall while hiking

I have experienced great progress in Christian Science over the past couple of years. It began with the inspiration attained through preparing for and attending my annual Christian Science association meeting in 2020. Our study assignment during the year leading up to this meeting brought me to the understanding that there is only one Mind, God, and that in reality it is impossible for anything else to have power. Then, the meeting itself gave me a higher understanding of spiritual reality. I thought about, saw, and felt God’s love, abundance, and beauty as never before. I understood more clearly that there is no ebb and flow of God’s goodness—it is constant.

I did not want to lose sight of this heightened understanding, and I knew that consistent Christian Science study and practice was the way to hold on to it and go further. By deeply committing myself to this work, I have gained so much. The Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings have become my best friends. Knowing each day that God is my Mind, being guided by God’s direction, sets my day in the right direction. The more committed I am to regular prayer and study, the less time it takes for me to feel God’s allness. I understand this to be the mental and spiritual watching that we are instructed to do by Christ Jesus (see Mark 13:37).

This brings me to a healing that I know came about because of this greater commitment to Christian Science. My son and I had gone camping. We hiked up a mountain at a granite quarry. On the way down, I was suddenly filled with the realization of God’s allness—that God is the
only I am. 

I then heard my son saying, “Mom, are you all right?” At first, I could not reply. A few moments later, I replied that I was fine. It appeared that I had fallen. I was lying facedown on the rocks. My knees and legs had been bleeding, but the bleeding had already stopped, and I felt fine to finish hiking down the mountain. When we reached our campsite, my knees began to hurt, and it hurt to take deep breaths. I sat there praying, declaring that God, Spirit, is the only cause and the only substance. 

I called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. Somehow, even with my phone indicating no reception in the area, the call still went through. The practitioner reminded me that there is only one supreme law—God’s law. I went to sleep with that thought.

I awoke in the night and felt movement around my ribcage, and I could breathe normally again. I didn’t go right back to sleep, because this gave me much to ponder. The following day, as I continued to hold to thoughts of Truth, I was able to limp around. The day after that, I was completely free and went on another hike.

Thankfully, my son didn’t need to carry me down the mountain, and our dog, whose leash I had been holding when my fall had occurred, had not been affected. Though this healing brings joy, I am most pleased with the illumination I experienced regarding God’s love and care for all.

What gratitude and love I have for God, for the Christ as embodied by Jesus, and for Christian Science. 

Jane Ludlow
Jamesport, New York, US

Bible Lens
God the Only Cause and Creator
May 30, 2022

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