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Nurturing the healer in us all

We owe it to ourselves and our world to nurture the healer God has designed each of us to be.
Keeping Watch
Prayer gave us confidence that God’s great love would protect my daughter, and the other girls, too.

Reflection’s gift

An insight on humility.

Saved in a blizzard

I continued to panic and felt trapped, knowing that if the car ran out of gas, it wouldn’t be long before I would be in dire straits. I was so shaken that I figuratively threw my hands in the air and asked God, “Now what do I do?”

Safe at school

Every school and child is embraced and protected in God’s kingdom, the “peaceable habitation” described in the book of Isaiah in the Bible.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Sailing with strength

On a windy day, this teen found herself dumped into the ocean when her sailboat capsized. She’d never been able to right a boat by herself before. What would make the difference this time?
The love I felt was not generated by my own thinking or through any effort on my part. It washed over me, and I was deeply moved by it.
Testimony of Healing

Fever Gone

As I continued praying, I felt relief from the symptoms.
Testimony of Healing
I understood more clearly that there is no ebb and flow of God’s goodness—it is constant.
Bible Lens

God the Only Cause and Creator

Faith and receptivity to Christ supersede failure to observe Hebrew law.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

We love hearing from readers. Here’s the conversation this week.

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