Young daughters quickly healed

Originally published in French

When I was very young, my parents gave me the most beautiful gift of my life: Christian Science. And I am passing on this gift to my children. It’s given me a better understanding of my relation to God, infinite good, and has allowed me to find comfort in difficult times. It’s guided me out of dead ends we can sometimes get stuck in, and has brought healing.

For example, one morning a number of years ago, I received a call at the office from my wife at the time. She said that the nurse at our daughter’s nursery school had called to ask us to come and get our daughter immediately, explaining that she was displaying various symptoms, including colic. She also told me that our other daughter, who was too young to attend school, had similar symptoms.

My wife was not a Christian Scientist, and we had an agreement that if one of our children was ill, I would pray immediately, and if the child did not get better quickly, we would take her to the doctor. Our family had experienced countless healings through prayer, without the need of any further help. So I thanked my wife for her call and found a quiet corner in the office to be alone and pray.

My prayer did not consist of pleading with God to heal my daughter. Christian Science had taught me a radically different approach to prayer based on the ideas set forth by Christ Jesus.

Scientific Christian prayer brings about a change in our state of consciousness in which our fears and doubts yield to a sweet and joyful sense of the presence of God as infinite good. This change in consciousness is then manifested in physical healing. I understood that illness is, right from the start, a belief projected onto the body. So my prayer consisted of listening for the spiritual inspirations that we receive in the silence of our communion with God. These spiritual ideas enlightened me with this message: “Don’t worry. These children are spiritually perfect right now, governed by God, Love.”

It’s not so much that I was thinking about beautiful, positive ideas, but rather that spiritual truths were actually coming to my thought, as if given to me. They came from a source beyond me—God. They gave me a sense of peace.

After a while I wondered if I had prayed enough, if my prayer had had any impact. So, I continued praying, and all doubt left. I gained a deeper awareness that my daughters already expressed divine perfection. Then I went back to work, feeling peaceful.

A short time later, my wife called to tell me that after coming home my daughter had exhibited no more symptoms and that our other daughter was also completely healthy. These healings were permanent.

The book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy explains how to practice Christian Science and how prayer heals. It is like a piano primer in that its theory needs to be understood and assimilated, but its practical application furnishes much joy! And this healing prayer is available to everyone.

Alexandre Fischer
Épiais-Rhus, France

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September 27, 2021

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