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At a meeting hosting an international panel of guests, an audience member was very sure of the superiority of one side of a polarized global debate.
In my own prayers to support public welfare and retain sovereignty over my life and body, I find guidance in remembering that we have inviolable spiritual rights under God.
As we pray from the standpoint of spiritual fact—that God is omnipotent Love, that we are Love’s totally loved children, and that our health and harmony cannot be lost under His loving government—this makes prayer effective.

Welcome home

Christ Jesus expanded our concept of home beyond physical habitat to a deeper perspective that includes unity, comfort, and healing.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
After previous boyfriends questioned Christian Science or told her that God wasn’t real, this college student felt nervous about talking about her beliefs with her current boyfriend. As she prayed about how to do it, she got a surprising answer: Share Science and Health.
Testimony of Healing

Toothache vanishes

Prior to the call with the Christian Science practitioner, all I could think about was the pain, and now I couldn’t think of it at all!
Testimony of Healing

Healing of swollen ankle

In the morning, the swelling was gone, and my ankle was completely healed. Also, the burdened feeling had lifted, and I joyously returned to work.
Testimony of Healing

Young daughters quickly healed

When I was very young, my parents gave me the most beautiful gift of my life: Christian Science.

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Bible Lens


Even in the darkness of adverse news or rumors, God’s light enables His children to stand fearlessly.
Bible Lens
From earliest times, singing was a traditional way to honor God. 

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