Kidney pain healed

I am grateful for a particularly meaningful healing through prayer that I experienced a couple of years ago. Soon after retiring for the night, I was awakened by a pain in the area of my kidneys. Changing my sleeping position offered no relief. I began to pray for myself as I was accustomed to doing when I wasn’t feeling well. I affirmed the truth of my being as the spiritual offspring of God, Spirit, but the situation persisted. I then recalled a testimony I had heard in a Christian Science testimony meeting years earlier. The testifier spoke emphatically about his realization that there is “never any healing in the mattress.” That idea roused my thinking.

I quietly got out of bed so as not to awaken my wife and slipped downstairs. Once there, I recognized that there is no healing in the easy chair, either. By this time, I was in distress and very fearful. I had been through a similar challenge years earlier, and it had gone badly, so I was battling an increasing dread about what I thought might be developing.

Testimony of Healing
Eye healed during church service
September 20, 2021

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