A holy experience

Many years ago, a small area on the sole of my foot bothered me. Discomfort and acute pain would come and go. At one point I removed two splinters with a needle and thought that would end it. When the issue persisted, I thought maybe there was an infection. I had had many healings through Christian Science during my life, and I expected a healing this time, too.

One day while shopping, I found a dress that I liked and would have bought, but there was such discomfort in my foot that I had to go home immediately without making a purchase. Shopping for clothes was something I found difficult, so I was disappointed. A lot of other things in my life felt hard, too. 

Not long after this, a Christian Science lecture was sponsored by a Church of Christ, Scientist, in my city. The lecturer spoke with such authority that on my way home following the lecture, I was tempted to turn the car around and go back to talk with her. However, I had been learning to rely less on people and more directly on God. I reminded myself that it was the spiritual ideas and truths that she had shared with us that gave her lecture authority. I saw that what I really needed to do was to take what I had already received from her talk and apply it in my life. 

When I got home, I wrote down all I could remember from the talk. As I was doing this, I had a holy experience that brought tears to my eyes and a deeper understanding of God as Love. As I got up from sitting, it felt as though there were a cushion between the problem and my foot, and this was marvelous. I went for a walk, happy about my increased freedom. I later wrote to the lecturer, who lived halfway around the world, to tell her that the ideas from her lecture had helped me make progress.

Next, I visited a Christian Science Reading Room, where I knew I would find a quiet atmosphere for prayer. As I reached out to God, the tune from a hymn came to thought. Many times before, the tune or lyrics to one or more familiar hymns had come to me, and I recognized them as God’s, divine Love’s, messages guiding me. 

This time I did not know the words at all. I looked through the Christian Science Hymnal for the tune that had come to me, and found it in Hymn 243. When I read the poem written by Ella Stone, the word gentleness stood out to me. Over the following days I expressed a little more gentleness but felt I was still missing something. I looked more carefully at the lyrics. As I did so, I realized that the hymn was mostly about God—about His gentleness. Tears and more understanding came as I realized that I had to stop thinking God was being hard on me. I began to see that human experiences may be hard at times, but God is never hard on us. He is not creating difficulties for us in order to toughen us up. God is Love and absolutely good; He never sends evil. I was deeply comforted to be shown that God is gentle. 

With that inspiration, over the next couple of days that hard area on my sole opened up. To my great surprise, a wood chip and more splinters came out. I hadn’t known anything was in my foot, but it looked like a bit of mulch. I was in awe and so grateful to have been completely healed. 

Soon after this healing, I was looking for something to wear to a two-week class on metaphysical healing called Christian Science Primary class instruction. I happened to go to the same clothing store as before and was amazed to find the same dress that I had liked so much on my earlier visit. After being there for two months, it was now reduced in price, the only one left of that style, and just my size. I bought it joyfully and wore it to class with great gratitude and joy. I agree with this sentiment from Hymn 178: “Truly is God’s counsel gentle, / Truly all His ways are bright” (based on words by Nikolaj F. S. Grundtvig, Hymnal).

Ann Trevithick Allen
Columbus, Ohio, US

Bible Lens
September 20, 2021

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