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Our sacred purity is a powerful counterfact to trauma’s claims. 
We don’t have to view life as an endless list of problems to be overcome.
How can we rise above the challenges we face in today’s environment? Poet Lona Ingwerson shares a universal insight. 

He lifts us up

It dawned on me that Jesus’ view of God included both fatherly strength and protection and motherly love and care. 
How I found Christian Science

Knowing God as Love

It is always possible to gain a clearer, higher, and holier view of God’s forever, spiritual creation—to see as divine Love sees!

Safe on the school bus

Greg felt upset riding around on the wrong bus. He didn’t know where he was going or where he was supposed to get off.
Testimony of Healing

Kidney pain healed

I have always been impressed by the absolute promises given in Christian Science. I know they derive from Christ Jesus, whose words and healings assure us that by following his example, we can heal spiritually, as he did. 
Testimony of Healing
This healing will always stand out to me as proof of the power and presence of God and the effectiveness of Christian Science.
Testimony of Healing

A holy experience

I began to see that human experiences may be hard at times, but God is never hard on us. He is not creating difficulties for us in order to toughen us up. God is Love and absolutely good; He never sends evil.
Bible Lens


Spiritual truth is grasped only through spiritual understanding.

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